Press Releases

New tools make light work

A big thank you to the Crookwell community and visitors that have purchased tickets in our monthly wood raffles.

Proceeds have been used to purchase new equipment for track restoration works. A 2nd hand Atlas Copco petrol powered jack hammer was acquired by disposal auction at Sydney Trains. This unit will save swinging the dog spike hammer to insert the dog spike pins that hold the track to the sleepers. If you were in the area last month you would have heard one that we borrowed from the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway banging away.

Also purchased to bore the holes in the sleepers for the dog spikes is a DeWalt high torque drill and auger drill bits from local business JD Hardware in Goulburn Street. Thank you to JD’s, your price came in cheaper then the bigger tool retailers in the cities. We are happy that we can support Crookwell businesses. The Crookwell Heritage Railway policy is to source tools and materials locally before looking elsewhere.

These tools have sped up the track restoration process, we were able to drill and spike 50 sleepers in a matter of hours.