Welcome to GCHR

May 17, 2018

The Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway is a non-profit organisation whose aim is the protection, preservation, promotion and restoration of the historic Goulburn to Crookwell branch line. State Railway operations on the line were suspended in 1989. This line has never been "officially" closed. Goulburn is...

2019 Annual General Meeting

November 5, 2019

Information for members and guests. The annual general meeting of the Goulburn Crookwell Heritage Railway will be held on Saturday, 16th November at 11am. The meeting will be held at...

Completion of the platform Roads

February 27, 2019

After what seemed like an eternity, our small dedicated members have completed to renewing of the platform and siding tracks in front of the Crookwell Station. The idea for this...

Crookwell Potato Festival, wood raffle and open days

May 5, 2019

If you plan to visit Crookwell, this coming weekend is the best time. Come and enjoy what Crookwell has to offer during the annual Potato Festival on Saturday 11th, May. Click the link to find out more https://www.crookwellpotatofestival.com.au/ The Crookwell Heritage...

Crookwell Heritage Railway road test pedal-powered rail bikes

August 20, 2019

The Crookwell Heritage Railway features in an article in the Crookwell Gazette.