Press Releases

4 Seat Rail Bike Arrives

Through the Veolia Mullwaree Trust Community Grants Program, the Crookwell Heritage Railway was able to purchase a 4 seat rail bike.

The 4 seat rail bike compliments the two seat rail bike we have had on loan from Rail Explorers. This new addition is a step forward for the our Ride the Rail initiative. We are grateful to the Veolia Mulwaree Trust in its assistance to purchase the rail bike.

On Saturday 18th at our monthly meeting, the arrival and viewing of our 4-seater RB-401 rail bike was highly anticipated – and exceeded all expectations.

Everything about it is impressive, the overall size, the steel wheels, the range of travel in the seat position to suit a wide range of heights, the hydraulic disc brakes, the inertia reel seatbelts, each seat powers the motion, the overall quality and how brightly it glistens in the Crookwell autumn sun.

While not yet at the point where the public can go for a ride, having the bike on site enables us to complete the details for the accreditation of the rail bike, which is the next step in the development of the Upper Lachlan Ride the Rails Experience. The 2024 Upper Lachlan Garden Festival is on the first weekend of November and we are working towards being fully operational for the public by then.

If you would like to get involved in with Ride the Rails please, get in contact with the Crookwell Heritage Railway.