Fundraisers, Open Days

Crookwell Potato Festival, wood raffle and open days

If you plan to visit Crookwell, this coming weekend is the best time. Come and enjoy what Crookwell has to offer during the annual Potato Festival on Saturday 11th, May.

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The Crookwell Heritage Railway will also be open over the weekend. Starting on Thursday 9th, we will be selling tickets for our monthly firewood raffle in the main street. As usual our stands will be located outside IGA and across the road at the rest area/kiosk. A trailer load of fire wood is up for grabs for just $1 a ticket. The raffle is running over 3 days and will end Saturday evening. The winner will be drawn by the Crookwell Information Center.

The Station Museum will also be open, look for signs on Colyer Street and Station Car park. Entry to the Museum is from the platform side of the Station building with disabled access. Entry is free, however a donation is appreciated. There will also be track vehicles is the yard including the Rail Explorer rail bike. The rail bike will be set up for those wanting to hop on and get a feel of it. Membership form are also available, we welcome people of all skill levels to help preserve Crookwell’s heritage.


An announcement will be made on Saturday 11th regarding new exhibits for the railway with potential for future operations.

The Crookwell Heritage Railway is an operating railway. Please watch your step and see one of our volunteers before going beyond the station platform.