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Crookwell Heritage Railway proposes to operate Rail Bikes

Rail Explorers USA LogoThe Crookwell Heritage Railway with help from Rail Explorers USA, propose to operate Rail Bikes on the Crookwell branch line.

Rail Explorers, based in Rhode Island, USA, was started and is owned by two Australians. They currently operate in Rhode Island, New York and Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2015 they have had close to 70,000 visitors, with a 100% safety record.

Rail Explorers
Rail Explorers
We plan to bring this exciting, popular and healthy attraction to the Crookwell Railway.

We have a rail bike on loan from Rail Explorers for demonstration. This Saturday during the Crookwell Potato Festival and Sunday, you can get up close and learn more about this initiative at the Crookwell Railway Station and become involved.

If you can’t make it this weekend, there will be other opportunities in the coming weeks. Keep and eye on our Facebook page. You can also use our Contact Form to request more information.

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